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Foxton Lives is all about people who use the Foxton Centre, Preston, as part of their daily lives. Using Preston Guilds in 1952, 1972, 1992, and this year’s Guild 2012 as the backdrop for the project, we explore our own stories through looking back at history to create personal archives of everyday life. We’re taking pictures, making films, writing stories, and collecting and creating our own memorabilia of Foxton Lives, resulting in a street party and exhibition to celebrate our Guild 2012.

Foxton Lives is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund for Preston Guild 2012¬†Further support to link across TEC projects has been provided by ACE, Worker’s Education ¬†Association, Lancashire County Council, and Preston City Council.¬†Museum partners are the Harris Museum & the Museum of Lancashire.

Foxton Lives is a They Eat Culture project in partnership with The Foxton Centre

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